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Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of – Part 6

I know it took me a while to complete that bolg. With the first months of 2017 that I spent remodeling my workshop, I had very little time for anything else. You’re more than welcome to read the previous parts of my Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of blog to remember the first steps before […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of – Part 5

Sitting on a spider So we had the spider’s body holding by itself on its legs. That was very encouraging. And we had figured out a solution to the assembling/disassembling problem.  This step was certainly the most complicated step from the whole building process and we were released that it was done. However, more challenges […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay Making Of – Part 4

Rachnera’s legs: the magical assembling process I’m showing you that picture of the spider’s body again because there are other details I want to point out. You can see that we had started applying batches of auto body filler all over the spider’s body. Experts will apply it more evenly. I do my best, but […]