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Even though I’ve been a glamour model for many years and I’ve been taken in pictures thousands of time, I always wonder what the next photoshoot will look like and I’m always impressed  by the new ideas the photographers and I come up with. When I built the Jukebox set in my workshop, I was very excited because it would be my first photoshoot as a brunette, unveiling my natural hair color to the world. This set became my favorite set so far.

A few months later, out of nowhere, the photographer sent me 4 extra pics from that set I hadn’t seen, breathtaking pics on the floor we had taken at the end of the photoshoot. Glamorous, gorgeous, sensual… They became my ultimate favorite pics! Until my next photoshoot! ;)

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  1. kienner

    wonderful sexy girl nice boobs

  2. Michael Dougherty
  3. MC, remember way back when, when I told you that if you’re ever in LA (at the time it could have been Chicago, but he’s moved since then), I have a very dear friend living in LA who is a world-class photographer that you might like to meet. I’ve known him for decades. He’s incredible and has incredible ideas. Just say the word and I’ll put you in touch with him. :-)

  4. I’d host a wrestling match just to have MC as the ‘ring girl.’ No wrestlers need apply. :-)

  5. DD

    I whole-heartedly agree with you! You look fantastic and this is some of the most sensual work you’ve done. I really hope a continuation of the series and can not wait to see 30-45!

  6. Jimmy McGill

    Dayummmmm those boobs! So hot

  7. Jimmy McGill

    Wow soooo freaking gorgeous as always!! Those boobs!!

  8. Anonymous

    Favorite of mine, too! But does this mean there isn’t a 38 or a 40? I was really looking forward to 41 and 42!

  9. I love this woman gaze when she’s killing it so nice and she know that 😈✨…

    Maybe I’ve been always more focused in your cosplay stuff honestly 😍, but your modelling talent have reached the succubus spell like-ability level, absolutely stunning, be proud gorgeous!! 👍👍😍👍

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