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Even though I’ve been a glamour model for many years and I’ve been taken in pictures thousands of time, I always wonder what the next photoshoot will look like and I’m always impressed  by the new ideas the photographers and I come up with. When I built the Jukebox set in my workshop, I was very excited because it would be my first photoshoot as a brunette, unveiling my natural hair color to the world. This set became my favorite set so far.

A few months later, out of nowhere, the photographer sent me 4 extra pics from that set I hadn’t seen, breathtaking pics on the floor we had taken at the end of the photoshoot. Glamorous, gorgeous, sensual… They became my ultimate favorite pics! Until my next photoshoot! ;)

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  1. DD

    I whole-heartedly agree with you! You look fantastic and this is some of the most sensual work you’ve done. I really hope a continuation of the series and can not wait to see 30-45!

  2. Jimmy McGill

    Dayummmmm those boobs! So hot

  3. Jimmy McGill

    Wow soooo freaking gorgeous as always!! Those boobs!!

  4. I love this woman gaze when she’s killing it so nice and she know that 😈✨…

    Maybe I’ve been always more focused in your cosplay stuff honestly 😍, but your modelling talent have reached the succubus spell like-ability level, absolutely stunning, be proud gorgeous!! 👍👍😍👍

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