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Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara Cosplay Pics – Part 2: Available Now!

Yes, my first Nobara pics were already impressive, but Part 2 is outstanding! Nobara has gone wild and this is gonna be an epic fight! Make sure to check out my new ‘Nobara Nailed It’ cosplay photoset: www.store.mcbourbonnais.com You might also want to see how I built this photoset, one of the most beautiful set […]

Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara Kugisaki Cosplay

Here it is, the 2nd biggest cosplay photoset I built after my ‘Evil Boner’ photoset… a Jujutsu Kaisen photoset! Directly inspired by a scene from the anime, this set required months of work! :D It all started with polystyrene bricks I had made for another project. I realized how easy it was to work with […]

The Ice Queen is back with more frozen glamour!

Many of you were flabbergasted when I released that improvised photoset built during the Holidays. With her giant Christmas wreath and dazzling costume, the Ice Queen is back with more pics that will melt your heart for sure. ;) Make sure to check out my previous post to see the photoset’s making of pics. Ice […]

Frozen inspired Ice Queen Cosplay Photoset Finally Available!

Yes, this last minute belated Christmas photoset became a winter cosplay set!  Entirely built during the Holidays with material I already had at the workshop and a few things I could find in local stores (when they were not closed) I made this little miracle happen!   Hope you enjoy my improvised harness lingerie made out of vinyl sheets found […]

Elsa wishes you a Happy New Year! ;)

Happy New Year 2023, everybody! :D Yes, this was supposed to be a Christmas photoset, but life is full of unexpected challenges and it turned out to be a New Year’s winter cosplay photoset! ;) I told you it would be worth the wait! lol Now, guys, you’ll just have to be a little more […]

‘Warm Me Up’ Belated Halloween Vampire Pics Available Now!

Finally! It was a real adventure to organize that last minute Halloween photoshoot (again, if you missed the story, check out my Twitter posts from the last weeks. @mcbourbonnais1) But it was worth the wait! Thanks for your patience, guys! :) Hope you enjoy those amazing vampire pics! ‘Warm Me Up’ autographed prints available here.

Happy Halloween!

No, my Halloween pics are not ready yet. Yes, this is just a teaser and it will be a belated Halloween! Sorry… October was a crazy month for me. If you missed the story, make sure to check out all my Twitter posts from the last weeks… (@mcbourbonnais1) So much happened in my life, but […]

Cute French Maid is the best!

Your place is a mess? Let’s clean up together! ;) ‘Maid Enough’ Photoset – Part 2 & 3: more irresistible cuteness! www.store.mcbourbonnais.com

I think I’ve ‘Maid Enough’ ;)

I’ve been cleaning all day… I think I’ve made enough and I deserve a break! ;) What does a cute maid do to relax? Check out my new ‘Maid Enough’ photoset to find out! www.store.mcbourbonnais.com You all loved my Limited Edition ‘Mon Coco’ Easter photoset with the purple wig, so I decided to go for […]

Fabrique culturelle: Dans l’oeil de Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, couturière et costumière

Une sympathique entrevue qui explique comment j’ai découvert le cosplay et ce que m’a apporté mon passage à la Maison des métiers d’art de Québec. Et en prime, une petite visite de ma salle de couture et des gros plans sur certains de mes plus beaux costumes! https://www.lafabriqueculturelle.tv/capsules/13879/dans-l-oeil-de-marie-claude-bourbonnais-couturiere-et-costumiere La Fabrique culturelle wanted to interview some […]