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Damn Beaver Extra Maple Syrup Pics!

You’ve been waiting for it: the last part of my ‘Damn Beaver’ photoset with all the maple syrup is finally available! :D What is this cute little beaver doing with all this maple syrup? Check out my pics to find out! www.store.mcbourbonnais.com You don’t mind if it gets sticky, right? ;)-

‘Damn Beaver’ Canada Day themed photoset finally available!

This photoset is a perfect example of how we can mix materials or use them in a creative way to build something unexpected. No, my beaver couch isn’t made of logs. However, I did use real tree bark. ;) Curious? Check out my making of pics to discover the secret behind my beaver living room! […]

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête du Canada! This cute beaver and its wooden couch might be one of the funniest photoshoot concepts I made so far! :D This is just a teaser pic. ;) Full photoset and making of blog coming up soon. :)