10-year career: Ninja Division Rin Farrah cosplay at Gen Con 2012

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2012: the beginning of my collaboration with Soda Pop Miniatures – Ninja Division!

After I built and unveiled Ninja Division’s mascotte cosplay pics (see my previous post) I realized that this uncomfortable fiberglass costume wasn’t wearable. In order to attend Gen Con with Ninja Division’s team, I’d have to choose and build the costume of another character from their games. I chose Rin Farrah from Relic Knights.

It was the first costume I made using genuine leather. I had no real knowledge in leather working and sewing and it wasn’t perfect, but I was proud of it. I also really liked the ‘armor’ look of my previous fiberglass costume and decided to include a fiberglass bra to Rin’s costume. I pierced tiny holes all along the fiberglass bra, where the wires would be in a regular fabric bra, and I stitched by hand the fiberglass cups to the costume’s sewing allowances, including a leather piping in the costume design to hide the joint between the fiberglass and the leather.


If you look at the making of pic, you’ll see that the fiberglass bra is fitting me perfectly, covering my areolas entirely. I had decided to wear orange leather pasties just in case and putting the costume on, I realized that when the pasties were showing off, it actually looked good! So I cut bigger pasties and wore the costume like this on purpose. When I was received as a cosplay guest at AWA in Atlanta that year, I couldn’t wear my R Mika costume because the bottom was a thong and I had to cover my breasts with my wig in my Rin Farrah costume because they thought the orange pasties looked too much like areolas from far! 😂

Even though so many girls walk around half naked in conventions everywhere through North America, I’ve often been treated like THE one that goes ‘too far’ in cosplay sexiness. Must be the implants.

Today, when I look at this costume, I see sewing flaws, but I still love it. Sweet memories. :) Photographer: Bryan Humphrey

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