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Marto Napoli Sushi Boats Making Of

Time to finally unveil one of these secret non cosplay projects I’ve been working on earlier this year!  Remember these 2 props I mentioned that needed to be customized? They were actually sushi boats for a local restaurant. :D But not any sushi boats… Marto Napoli is a radio host I met back in 2007 […]

New 3D printed Aimsee statues on Shapeways

New Aimsee 3D printed statues are now available on www.shapeways.com/shops/aimsee! Discover French Canadian costumer and cosplayer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais’ Original Character Aimsee!

Ninja Division Way of the Fighter Severina Cosplay Making Of – Part 3

I’m happy to finally talk about one of Severina’s costume pieces I think you’ll be very excited about: the magical staff! I hired Texelion, a 3D modeler from France, to do this 3D model. (Bonjour à mes amis Français!) As you can see, the original chibi art doesn’t show that much details, so I had […]

Making of MKX Scorpion cosplay – PART 4

Making of MKX Scorpion costume – PART 4 The man behind the mask I’ve been wanting to integrate new technologies into my costumes for a while and since 3D printing is everywhere these days, I was really looking forward to finding the appropriate project to use this technology. Back in 2009, when I made my […]