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Power Girl Cosplay Print now available on my store

Originally published in the 2017-2018 Cosplay for a Cause Calendar, this Power Girl cosplay picture is now available on my store! Another set I built in my workshop a long time ago, when I made the costume in 2014. This time, the Cosplay for a Cause Calendar was raising money for a non-profit organization for animal […]

Power Girl Cosplay Making Of – Part 5

An introduction to shoemaking It’s now time to talk about one of the most complicated parts of my Power Girl costume: the boots.  Since I started making cosplay costumes, I always considered that the hardest costume parts to get or make were the gloves, boots/shoes and wigs.  As skilled as I am as a seamstress, […]

Power Girl Cosplay Making of – Part 4

Store-bought clothes look so good First, there’s one thing I want to make clear.  I sometimes hear people say things like: ‘Have you done this part of your costume by yourself?’  ‘No. I bought it.’  ‘Oh, I see. That’s why it looks so good. It’s store-bought.  It’s not like if it was handmade.’  Please, stop […]

Power Girl Cosplay Making of – Part 3

A word about zippers It was now time to prepare the zippers. There are many types of zippers that I would put in 3 categories: nylon coil, plastic molded and metal zippers. The nylon coil looks like a ‘spiral’ that is sewn on to the zipper tape. It’s a very resistant zipper. Invisible zippers are […]

Power Girl cosplay Making of – Part 2

Torturing my mind So that was it.  I would make a Power Girl cosplay.  But I would make it in a different way.  I never make things like everybody else, right?  I HAD to find a way.  But how the hell would I make a version of that costume that had never been done before?  […]

Power Girl Cosplay Making of – Part 1

Introducing Power Girl Most of you already know that I discovered cosplay in 2009 with the release of my tribute pics to Mortal Kombat where I was dressing up as Frost.  I had no idea at this time of what cosplay was.  It’s people’s reaction to those pics that made me wonder why they were […]