10-year career: Koshka Cosplay for a Dust Tactics tournament in Belgium

Celebrating my 10-year career! I had the chance to visit Europe for the very 1st time in November 2014 and I didn’t visit any country! I went to the country of chocolate lovers: Belgium!

In 2014, I was contacted by another tabletop game company, Dust Tactics. Famous artist and co-founder of the game, Paolo Parente, wanted me to cosplay Koshka, one of the characters of the game. The team brought me to Belgium to attend a Dust tournament dressed up as Koshka. Plus, Paolo said he would from now on draw Koshka based on my face and figure.

I made the leather bomber jacket, military pants, leather belt and belt buckle. And for the grenade rounds, I molded an airsoft grenade. ;)

The chocolate I tasted in Belgium changed my life as a chocolate lover. I could never find again in North America the equivalent of some of the high quality chocolate pieces I tasted in Belgium. Nothing compares to the alcohol macerated cherries dipped in chocolate I had in Belgium. (Please don’t try to suggest any cheap commercial North American cordial cherry brand.) J’ai adoré la Belgique! J’y retournerais n’importe quand!

10-year career: Summum Magazine Cover

Celebrating my 10-year career! October 2014 was a huge month for me! During the same weekend, I was published on the cover of the French Canadian Summum Magazine, I was received as a cosplay guest for the 1st edition of Comiccon de Québec AND it was my birthday! :D Probably the best weekend of my life! lol

Photographer: Frédéric Tremblay
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10-year career: Power Girl Interview Blooper on Global Montreal

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to September 2014, when I was a cosplay guest at Montreal Comiccon and when I worn my Power Girl cosplay for the 1st time!

Montreal Comiccon’s organization had a big marketing plan to pomote their event. As a local cosplayer, they booked me for many interviews on different TV and radio shows through the province of Quebec during the weeks before the comiccon.

One of these interviews was for Global, 2 short interviews very early on the morning of the comiccon’s first day, the 1st interview being at 6:45am if I remember correctly. It was so cold outside that I had to cover myself with a wool blanket I was carrying in my car, and the TV crew made me wait in its truck between the interviews because I was freezing outside in my Power Girl costume. Hard nipples were outrageously showing off through the white fabric of my bodysuit independently of my will because it was so cold in this Canadian fall morning. When the TV anchors saw me in the studio, I think they were not expecting to see a girl showing that much cleavage, with such big breast implants, in a sexy cosplay costume, out of nowhere early in the morning. They start laughing live on TV and my appearance on Global TV and the hosts’ reaction were part of a bloopers montage that you can still find on Youtube.

Bottom left pic: Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions
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10-year career: Super Dungeon Marie-Claude cosplay at Gen Con 2014

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to August 2014 when I attended Gen Con with Ninja Division and where I did a cosplay… of myself twice! :D

Over the years, Soda Pop Miniatures – Ninja Division included me as a character in all their games, including Relic Knights (see my previous post) and the popular Super Dungeon (notice the egg in my character’s miniature’s iron pan.) It’s surprising to see what is popular sometimes. I worked a lot on my leather Cerci suit from Relic Knights, it was a very complicated costume compared to the little skirt, blouse and corset of my character’s costume in Super Dungeon. And still, people reacted more to this cute costume with big, unusual props.

The giant roller pin and fake iron pan stole the show! lol Gen Con attendees were so impressed to see me holding that iron pan so easily! ;) I molded a real iron pan and casted a fiberglass one, reproducing the texture with bodyfiller and a sponge. Yes, my fake iron pan was lighter! And for the roller pin, the handles were made on my wood lathe and the middle was just a big plastic pipe. Cool, simple props. Gen Con 2014 moral: you can never predict which costume will be popular.

10-year career: Ninja Division Relic Knights Marie-Claude cosplay

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to August 2014 when I attended Gen Con with Ninja Division and where I did a cosplay… of myself twice! :D

Over the years, Soda Pop Miniatures – Ninja Division included me as a character in all their games, including Relic Knights and the popular Super Dungeon. I made the leather costume of my character from Relic Knight’s Cerci team in 2013, but worn the complete version with the belt and holster only in 2014, the year where I exchanged my bra for double sided tape and it looked so much better!

lol It’s also the year where I built a set in my workshop to do a photoshoot of my superb leather suit with integrated boots. Yes, look carefully, it was a fake wall that I kept in my workshop for more than one year. I was so sad when I had to demolish it… But I needed room in my workshop for other projects.

Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions
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10-year career: Tech N9ne So Dope Music Video in 2013

Celebrating my 10-year career! 2013 was definitely a cool year for me! Memory from July 2013: when I appeared in Tech N9ne’s So Dope music video feat. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane, & Snow Tha Product. :D

Playing the sexy girl in a music video: check!

10-year career: Cosplay Guest for Tour Concomics 2013 in Puerto Vallarta

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to June 2013 when I was a cosplay guest for Tour Concomics in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and where I experienced the warmest weather I’ve ever felt in my life so far!

I visited Mexico many time, but it was always during fall or winter, somewhere between September to February. But for the 1st time, I would visit Mexico in summer… Maybe it’s because I’m used to have cold weather 8 months a year in Quebec, but I wasn’t expecting Mexico to be THAT warm in summer! lol And guess which cosplay I had brought? My latex Sue Storm costume! I never sweat that much in my whole life! There was a lake of sweat in my boots when I took them off! lol

By chance there was a pool at the hotel to cool down a little! 

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Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions

10-year career: American Curves Magazine Spring 2013

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2013 when I was published in the American Curves Magazine Spring 2013 Issue! ‘A feast for the libido’ it says while you get the chance to enjoy some of the most outrageously sexy pics I made! It’s a shame that this magazine doesn’t exist anymore. Its editor seemed to really like me. I was published many times in this magazine! I still have some copies of this issue available on my store. Get your autographed copy today! ;)


Photographer: Andy McFarland

10-year career – That time where I was a redhead

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2013, when I became a redhead for 1 month!


On April 2013, le Musée de la Civilisation, a museum in Quebec City, lauched an exhibition about video games called ‘Une histoire de jeux vidéo.’ They organized many events to promote the exhibition including a launching cosplay evening. As a glamour model who did nudes, I was surprised and flattered when someone from the museum contacted me to be guest of honor for the cosplay event! The lady was calling me ‘Madame Bourbonnais’.  People say they are open-minded, but it’s really uncommon for a big company in the province of Quebec to associate themselves with a girl who has done nudes.

I was really into Bleach at that time and I sewed for the event another costume that I wore only once: a version of Kurosaki Ichigo. And instead of buying a wig, I decided, out of nowhere, to dye my hair orange! Here I am posing with the newspaper of that day where an interview with me was just published.

I took advantage of my month as a redhead to make one more cosplay, April O’Neil. :D One of the simplest and most comfortable costumes I’ve ever made! April O’Neil print available on my store: www.store.mcbourbonnais.com

There are not a lot of pics of me as a redhead, so you’d better enjoy these ones! It’s been almost 20 years now since I started bleaching my hair to be a platinum blonde and I feel like it could be time for a change… Which hair color should I try?

10-year career – Attendind the AVN on January 2013

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2012 when I started collaborating with a young, extremely talented artist called Jaguar.

Jaguar had a unique way to bring to life caricatural characters and made a few amazing artworks of me that you can see in my website’s galleries. ‘Art of Jaguar’ was specialized in adult comics.  His website was part of a network supervised by his personal manager, a brilliant guy who had the idea to get a booth in an adult convention to promote the various artists’ work. Jaguar’s manager hired me to dress up as some of the artists’ characters and stay at the booth to take pics with people. And guess what convention it was? Yes! The AVN! :D On January 2013, I spent one weekend in Las Vegas surrounded by sexy pornstars (here I am in an outfit I sewed with Canadian actress Taylor Stevens), went with the guys in all the strip clubs and ended one of the nights the head in the ice bucket at the Sapphire.  Yes, I was sick, but it remains one of the best weekends of my life!

Unfortunately, Jaguar’s manager died in an accident in the following months and I lost contact with Jaguar, who wasn’t really speaking English. :( It could have been the beginning of an exceptional collaboration between a talented artist and I, but life chose otherway.

The purple dress I wore to party in Las Vegas is part of my 10-year Career Special Sale. You’ll find the dress in the One of a Kind section of my store. www.store.mcbourbonnais.com