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Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of – Part 6

I know it took me a while to complete that bolg. With the first months of 2017 that I spent remodeling my workshop, I had very little time for anything else. You’re more than welcome to read the previous parts of my Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of blog to remember the first steps before […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay making of – Part 5

Sitting on a spider So we had the spider’s body holding by itself on its legs. That was very encouraging. And we had figured out a solution to the assembling/disassembling problem.  This step was certainly the most complicated step from the whole building process and we were released that it was done. However, more challenges […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay Making Of – Part 4

Rachnera’s legs: the magical assembling process I’m showing you that picture of the spider’s body again because there are other details I want to point out. You can see that we had started applying batches of auto body filler all over the spider’s body. Experts will apply it more evenly. I do my best, but […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay Making Of Blog – Part 3

Body filler and patience: how to make fiberglass feel and look as slick as glass After the legs, we covered the spider’s body with fiberglass.  Since the body was so big, we could use big squares of fiberglass mat instead of small pieces. However, the bigger the fiberglass mat pieces are, the more chances you […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay Making Of – Part 2

NOTE: Before any of you ask, I’ll explain something one more time and I think I’m gonna copy/paste this at the beginning of each part of this blog. I’m not using a dust paper mask on the work in progress pics because wearing various masks irritates the skin of my face and gives me blemishes. […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay Making Of – Part 1

PART 1 Once Upon A Time It all started with Lug, Ninja Division – Soda Pop Miniatures‘ giant yellow and black fiberglass robot. For those who don’t know Lug’s long story, my friend and I have built that monster during the first half of 2015. Ninja Division needed it at their booth for Gen Con […]

Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay

Building my Monster Musume Rachnera cosplay was a challenge, an adventure, a learning experience and everything in between.  I was more than excited to present it at Anime Expo at the beginning of July and even more excited when I got to meet Okayado, the manga artist and creator of Monster Musume, who came at the […]