Cosplay making of blogs and pics to look at while you’re at home

While most of us are asked to stay home as much as possible, you might be looking for something to do… How about reading cosplay making of blogs and watching making of pics? :D Here are some of the cosplay making of blogs I wrote in the past years. Some of them are completed, some I never had the time to complete. But in any case, you’ll find plenty of technical information about sewing textile and leather, 3D printing, molding, casting and working with fiberglass.

Make sure to also check out my website’s galleries. There are some costumes for which I never had the time to write a making of blog, but I took the time to put all the making of pics in a gallery.

The making of Rachnera Arachnera

The making of Lug, the fiberglass robot. Check out the galleries for the making of pics of Betty’s orange and black leather costume and boots.

The making of my Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Kassandra costume

Still didn’t have the time to write a blog about all the parts of the costume, but you’ll find in the galleries all the making of pics as well as detailed closeups of the finished costume and props.

The making of my Power Girl costume, muscle suit and photo set

The making of my dear Fallout 4 Vault suit… The blog is not completed, but seamstresses will still find there some very interesting information. Those who follow me on Twitter know how making this costume was an adventure…

The making of my Scorpion costume

Enjoy your reading! :D

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  1. Anonymous

    The texture and luster of Rachnera’s legs are amazing!

  2. Great, you did a cosplay review of your projects!! 👍😄 Keep looking your photos would be too adictive 👉👈😳💕 but I will take the risk 😈✨… Btw many people feel annoyed being at home currently but I’m fine yet; I’ve at least 3 games to finish that get many time. ✌😝, a lot of series and animes, assemble and paint (if I’ve time enough) some miniatures, also play sometimes tabletop games with my family, testing new cooking reciples,… Maybe I should do some kind of sport or exercise at home 😅, and I’m a bit worried about my future work stuff 😓, but our health it’s fine in general, that’s the important!! 💪😋 How are you doing Marie?? Hope you enyojed a wonderful easter sunday, hugs!! 🤗

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