10-year career: Super Dungeon Marie-Claude cosplay at Gen Con 2014

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to August 2014 when I attended Gen Con with Ninja Division and where I did a cosplay… of myself twice! :D

Over the years, Soda Pop Miniatures – Ninja Division included me as a character in all their games, including Relic Knights (see my previous post) and the popular Super Dungeon (notice the egg in my character’s miniature’s iron pan.) It’s surprising to see what is popular sometimes. I worked a lot on my leather Cerci suit from Relic Knights, it was a very complicated costume compared to the little skirt, blouse and corset of my character’s costume in Super Dungeon. And still, people reacted more to this cute costume with big, unusual props.

The giant roller pin and fake iron pan stole the show! lol Gen Con attendees were so impressed to see me holding that iron pan so easily! ;) I molded a real iron pan and casted a fiberglass one, reproducing the texture with bodyfiller and a sponge. Yes, my fake iron pan was lighter! And for the roller pin, the handles were made on my wood lathe and the middle was just a big plastic pipe. Cool, simple props. Gen Con 2014 moral: you can never predict which costume will be popular.

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