Get ready to party!

If you follow me on X (mcbourbonnais1) or Bluesky ( you know that this photoset was a real saga! What was supposed to be a quick improvised ‘Happy New Year’ photoset almost turned into a nightmare. I got sick before Christmas, couldn’t work for a few days, encountered endless difficulties and finally, my ‘Ready to Party’ photoset is available! :D Yeah, I came up with another name, it couldn’t be a ‘Happy New Year’ set anymore. lol

‘Ready to Party’ autographed prints – Part 1 available here.

Thanks to Michael A. who offered me the beautiful pink lingerie I used for this photoshoot. :)

If you would like to contribute to a photoshoot and help me to get fancy lingerie that really fits me (my bra size isn’t easy to find lol) I finally set up a wishlist. I got that request many, many times over the past years! There you go:

Thanks for your support throughout the years, guys! Belated Happy New Year! :)

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