Frozen inspired Ice Queen Cosplay Photoset Finally Available!

Yes, this last minute belated Christmas photoset became a winter cosplay set! 

Entirely built during the Holidays with material I already had at the workshop and a few things I could find in local stores (when they were not closed) I made this little miracle happen!  

Hope you enjoy my improvised harness lingerie made out of vinyl sheets found at the dollar store. Mix of crafting and sewing. No joke. :D

Autographed prints available here:

And here’s a few making of pics so you can see how I built the giant Christmas wreath. I started with a structure cut in plywood sheets.

Then I covered my wreath with real fir branches and added the Christmas tree lights.

I made fake bricks using styrene sheets and a heat gun. The melted styrene has a very credible brick texture.

Some of those bricks had actually been made for another project and were already painted.

After another paint job, it looked like this. :D My wreath had a beautiful base!

Next step was easy. Adding Christmas ornaments.

Looking at that blue/white/silver color palette, this is when I had the idea to do a Frozen inspired cosplay.

It was totally improvised, I had no idea at that point what my outfit would be. It was a last minute photoset organized in the middle of the Holidays, I didn’t have the time to order anything online, I could only use things available in local stores or things I already had at the workshop. I ended up doing a harness lingerie using vinyl sheets and crafting material bought, believe it or not, at my local dollar store. Here I am, analysing various design options… I was lucky enough to have a blonde wig that I could style to match Elsa’s hairstyle. And it worked! :D

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  1. Michael Beach

    I Love You Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, You are Perfect as Elsa the Ice Queen of Frozen. You are a Superb Artist, not only did you design such a Stellar Outfit, you created this Stunning Photoshoot, put it all together and set it up, I must Commend You on Your Awesome Work . Thank You for taking Me to Another World for making Me Dream about and feel such Beautiful Things… I’m going to have to buy You something, someday for making Me feel so Wonderful, something too big to put in the Mail…

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for all the compliments. :) I’m glad that my pics could brighten up your day and bring you to another world, like you said! I always try to come up with new concepts for the photosets and costumes and I think this project turned out great, even if it was a very improvised/last minute photoshoot! lol

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