Monster Musume Rachnera Cosplay


Building my Monster Musume Rachnera cosplay was a challenge, an adventure, a learning experience and everything in between.  I was more than excited to present it at Anime Expo at the beginning of July and even more excited when I got to meet Okayado, the manga artist and creator of Monster Musume, who came at the booth with his translator for an official picture.  And most of all, you, my loyal supporters, have been following and enjoying the making of process online through the pics that I shared with you all along the way.  I will never thank Ninja Division – Soda Pop Miniatures and Seven Seas Entertainment enough for having made that project possible.

I know that many of you still have questions about the techniques that my friend and I have used to build Rachnera. I’m working on a detailed blog that will regroup the explanations that I shared on my social medias with more information.  Be patient, it will be worthed. And then I’ll go back to my Power Girl making of blog. Until then, you can find prints of Rachnera by clicking here. Hope you’ll enjoy. :)

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  1. Jon

    Sweet, Marie-Claude! Been looking forward to reading about building Rachnera. Always enjoyreading about your insight into crafting and costume making.

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