New Aimsee 3D printed statue on Shapeways

Some of you may have seen already the 2 first Aimsee statues I’m offering on my Shapeways store, a website where you can order 3D printed collectibles on demand.

I just released a 3rd statue and this is by far the sexiest of the 3! lol I’ve never seen a statue with a pose like this one! I called it ‘Bad landing’… because I suppose Aimsee was fighting with Keira and landed in a very sexy way? ;) Available in the classic version (with the nipples covered with ink) or the topless version, in 3 different sizes, in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic, Versatile Plastic and Full Color Sandstone. One thing is for sure, you want to check this out. :D

Thanks to Texelion for the 3D model.

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