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Thanks for your support!

This year was an exceptional year and you kept supporting me during the past months no matter what. So when Black Friday arrived, I thought it would be nice to thank you all with a sale on my store that would be just as exceptional. I never had the time to make an official post […]

New Aimsee Artwork by CreamsART – Itadakimasu

いただきます Tako Sashimi What a confusing situation… But hey, things like that are bound to happen. ;) Big thanks to CreamsART for being so professional (and nice) ! Twitter: Newgrounds: HF:

Aimsee 3D Printed Tablet Pen Holder

New Aimsee collectible available! You have a Wacom tablet? You definitely need this. :D You don’t have a retouching tablet? You still need this. ;)- Tablet pen holder 3D printed on demand:

New Aimsee 3D printed statue on Shapeways

Some of you may have seen already the 2 first Aimsee statues I’m offering on my Shapeways store, a website where you can order 3D printed collectibles on demand. I just released a 3rd statue and this is by far the sexiest of the 3! lol I’ve never seen a statue with a pose like […]

New Halloween Aimsee standees

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, French Canadian costumer and cosplayer, unveils her new Halloween Aimsee chibi acrylic standees.

New Aimsee artwork by NobuONE

French Canadian cosplayer and costumer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais unveils a new artwork by artist NobuONE of her original character Aimsee.

New artwork by Pollenoxide

French Canadian cosplayer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais unveils a new artwork of her original character Aimsee by artist Pollenoxide.

New Keira 3D Mousepad

French Canadian Cosplayer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais offers her Original Characters Aimsee & Keira mousepads through her online store. Sexy 3D mousepads with bobbies silicone pad.

New Aimsee artwork by Boobsgames

French Canadian cosplayer and costumer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais unveils a new Aimsee artwork by artist Boobsgames, including a topless and a nude version.