New artwork by Pollenoxide

Sometimes I really get carried away and send a lot of references and super detailed requests to artists. This is what happened with Pollenoxide when I saw the Kaguya Luna pic he made (the censored version). This illustration revived my old love story for Queen’s Blade’s universe and made me want to ask him for a ‘defeated Aimsee’ picture similar to those found in Queen’s Blade’s combat books. Pollenoxide’s style is a little different, but there was enough similarities to trigger an urgent need for a new art piece! 

Do you like it? Let me know, because I’m about to have way more done! ;D Hope some of you share my enthusiasm for this look! 

The best way to enjoy Pollenoxide’s work:


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  1. Robert C

    I’ve had the advantage thru my travels around the world with my Army unit, to have viewed hundreds of this type of artwork. The most intricate an amazing works I viewed while visiting Japan several times. The 1st when I was only 18 an had qualified as a Master in Ninjitsu, my Sen Sei “Asida Kim” was very much into this art too. although his tastes were more subdued an discriminated, as he was a well known public figure in his region. But I found galleries nearby that showed an sold this artwork, an on later visits I viewed more of this type of artwork an was amazed by the way the various artists could almost instill human emotions into the art an make them almost come to life. I never got into watching Queen’s Blade or any of the other shows as I didn’t know the language an I hate trying to watch shows with subtitles, you miss so much trying to do that. So this artists work is very well done, an i’m also surprised that you posted it at the same time that you were very tired an this Aimsee looks completely exhausted….lol..but in all respects, this is a great piece an hope you commission more :)

  2. Robert MacKinnon

    Really amazing artwork here, you always seem to find the most talented artists to work with. I personally never got into Queen’s Blade only watched a couple of episodes, but they definitely have some interesting character designs. Can’t wait to see more.

    I’m just curious if you have a bigger plan with all the commissions you’ve had done, I personally would love to see you collect them and release an art book or something like that.

    • Hi Robert,

      I do have bigger plans for Aimsee and Keira. :) But it couldn’t necessary be an art book because I don’t own the rights on every artwork I commissioned. I paid the artists for their work, but it doesn’t give me the right to sell their art. For the artworks that I sell on my online store, I paid the artist and I paid the rights to use the art commercially. But I have plans and I will develope different things about Aimsee and Keira’s universe. :)

      • Robert MacKinnon

        Okay, that makes sense I wasn’t aware of the rights issues involved. In any case I can’t wait to see what else develops. I’m loving all the collectibles you have released so far, looking forward to getting the Keira mousepad, it’s expected to be delivered tomorrow, and the second Aimsee shapeways figure is being printed now so looking forward to getting that as well.

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