Thanks for your support!

This year was an exceptional year and you kept supporting me during the past months no matter what. So when Black Friday arrived, I thought it would be nice to thank you all with a sale on my store that would be just as exceptional. I never had the time to make an official post here on my website, as soon as I made a first announcement on Twitter, I was flooded with orders! lol

I will probably need more than a week to sign all the prints you ordered during the weekend, so you’ll have to be patient, guys! lol But most importantly, I want to thank you again. :) Thanks to you, I can make a living, I can afford to pay for a workshop and eventually, I’ll be able to retire from modeling and move on to a career entirely dedicated to the worlds of costumes and fashion. But until then, I’ll still need your support and I promise I’ll do my best to entertain you on Twitter for a few more years. ;)

MERCI!!! MC xox

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  1. Paul

    2020 was a year I look forward to forgetting, though a constant highlight was seeing posts from you on Twitter and Facebook. All the best to you in 2021!

  2. Robert

    We should really thank you more, you are always offering new prints every couple of weeks, and keeping us entertained. I always wish I could order more every time.

    Here’s to hoping 2021 is a better year, but at least you kept 2020 sexy :)
    Looking forward to more costumes and more sexy prints.

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