Comiccon de Québec – Quebec City Comiccon


Betty and Lug the robot

J’ai le plaisir d’annoncer que je suis reçue comme invitée au Comiccon de Québec!  Les 17 et 18 octobre au Centre des congrès de Québec, c’est un rendez-vous!  Et oui, j’y serai avec le robot de Soda Pop Miniatures!

I’ll be a cosplay guest at Quebec City Comiccon! October 17-18, Quebec City Convention Center. And yes, Soda Pop Miniatures’ robot will be with me!

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Hornet 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure

MC_Bourbonnais_as_Hornet_1-6_Scale_Collectible_Figure (5)

1:6 Scale Hornet Collectible Figure

The new Hornet 1:6 scale collectible figure is now available!

The original model was hand sculpted based on Marie-Claude’s reference pictures to achieve a great likeness.  Featuring Hornet’s costume and gears like in the upcoming Heroes of the North – Season 2 webseries.

This official Heroes of the North toy is licensed in association with Movie Seals Digital Inc. and Flirty Girl Collectibles.  Concept/art direction by SMcG

Delivered with an autographed photo card autographed and signed to your name by Marie-Claude.

See more pics of the figure here.

Limited quantities. Figurine available here.

Marie-Claude as Hornet - Photographer: Vincent Cadoret

Marie-Claude as Hornet – Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions


Aerobic Marie-Claude by Timur Shevtsov



 Aerobic MC by Timur Shevtsov


I consider myself very lucky because since my ‘Internet Birth’, world class artists have been using my pictures as inspiration.  Sometimes it was simply to throw quick sketches for concept art, sometimes, to reproduce my attitude in specific pictures and sometimes, as tribute to my work/look.  Even though the final product isn’t always directly associated with me, I often get the comments from the artists themselves.

Timur Shevtsov started to send me drawing exercises early on and continued to offer them to me over the years. Receiving artwork always cheers me up!  I like a wide range of styles and pieces of different level of completion. I like the broad strokes, the well defined shapes and the angular way he has to create images. Of course, there’s more to his work, but I’ll let you forge your own opinion.

The following piece incorporates some elements of his own hand, but first it’s a really successful style exercise. I had a fantasy about a 80’s inspired aerobic piece. We had a quick conversation.  I threw a couple references and requests and here’s what I got. No need to say that I was on a joy high when I received the final piece. Double me with two cool outfits, awesome hairstyle and a killer body. I think that’s a well accomplished interpretation of myself as a cartoon! Also, I hope I’ll get a chance to shoot a similar outfit in the next months, that would be pretty sexy.

You can get a grip and see more of Timur Shevtsov’s work on ArtStation. Flattery and constructive comments are always appreciated, let us know if you like the work and if you want more!



 Aerobic MC by Timur Shevtsov


See more of Timur’s art in my gallery.


Big Wow! Comicfest this weekend!

Photo Big Wow Comicfest pour blogue

Marie-Claude is a cosplay guest at Big Wow! Comicfest 2015


This weekend, I’ll be in San Jose, CA, as I’m received as a cosplay guest for Big Wow! Comicfest! I will be wearing my brand new Clash of Clans’ archer costume on Saturday and my Ms Marvel costume on Sunday.  Don’t miss my panels about costume and prop making from 3 to 4pm in Room 230A on both Saturday and Sunday.

Then I will spend the rest of the month in California. Photoshoot time! Palm trees and sun, I’m in heaven.

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais – My new website!

The Big Idea

It was overdue for a long time and even though there’s not enough hours in a day for me to do everything I wish for, I thought it would be a good idea to wipe out my old website and start fresh.  I bet it will allow me to cheer you up  with my little day-to-day joys, help me to communicate better about my passions and about the things that are intrinsically me.


Building the Character

These days, surfing the web, we’re floaded with spectacular visual, a continuous stream of fantastic creations and non-stop mind stimulating imagery.  We can endlessly navigate and collect fragments of individuals’ psyche, getting inspired and build our own artistic selves.  Unfortunately, at least in my opinion,  we’ve learned to star the results and  neglect to highlight the process.   Even if, just like you, I deeply enjoy these tangible materialized by-products of our brains, I’m even more fascinated by the work, skills and efforts deployed to achieve such prowesses.  Hardly acquired knowledges and expertly executed gestures deserve to be valued and shared and I hope that by renewing my own little personal web space, I’ll be able to humbly contribute to this end.


Sugarcoat It

By the way, for those of you who are here for the eye candy, don’t worry.  I’ll still be shooting sexy stuff on a regular basis.


My old website’s wallpapers can be found in this gallery…


Photo: Gil Perron