Machinima’s Chasing the Cup MKX on the CW


Tune in to The CW on Monday February 15th 8pm ET/PT for Chasing the Cup, Machinima’s eSports documentary series following Mortal Kombat X Pro League competitors! And don’t forget to watch for appearances of Subzero, Scorpion, Jade and Cassie Cage!

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Scorpion Cosplay for ESL MKX Season 2 Finals


MKX Scorpion Cosplay

OK, I’m very excited about this one : I’ll be in Burbank, CA on January 24th for ESL MKX Season 2 Finals where players from all around the world will compete for 100,000 USD! :D No, I’m obviously not part of the ESL MKX Pro League! lol (Insert your fantasy here.) BUT I’ll be there as a guest, wearing my Scorpion costume to welcome all the players and hopefully bring them good luck! Don’t miss the show and get your ticket here.

What about a little Californian sun in the middle of my French Canadian winter?

Improved MKX Scorpion Cosplay for Playcon, Costa Rica!


Who is gonna leave French Canadian winter behind to enjoy Costa Rica’s sun in December?  I’m super happy to announce that I’ll be a cosplay guest at Playcon, Latin American Entertainment Convention! Del 18 al 20 de diciembre en la Antigua Aduana, Costa Rica.  And I’ll bring the improved version of my Scorpion costume from Mortal Kombat X.  Still don’t speak Spanish perfectly, but I can understand when I read it and I recognize many words and parts of sentences if you speak slowly.  I’m improving!  You guys will have to teach me new words when I’ll be there.

Sexy Marie-Claude Dakimakura pillow case


Right on time for those of you who have started looking for Christmas gifts, I received a new batch of my sexy sugar shack themed dakimakuras! The pillow case is 5 feet long, but the breasts are bigger than life!

For those who like my glamour stuff and have no idea of what Japanese pop culture is all about: a dakimakura is a body pillow case portraying a sexy anime character. One pic on the front, one pic on the back. ;) Hug the pillow!

For all my fans outside Québec: sugar shack is a traditional and very popular thing here in Québec!  A sugar shack is kind of a cabin in the woods where sap collected from sugar maple trees is boiled into maple syrup. (By the way, unless you live in Vermont and maybe in Maine, chances are that you have probably never tasted real good maple syrup. The corn syrup served in American restaurants for pancakes makes me wanna cry.) In a sugar shack, they will serve taffy on snow (you have to Google this) and complete breakfasts/meals that you traditionally eat with a lot of maple syrup: eggs, pancakes, bacon, ham, sausages, French toasts, baked beans, meat pie, pea soup,crispy pork rinds, etc.  And my favorite: real maple syrup candies with a maple leaf shape and small cones filled with maple butter.  Happiness is in chocolate AND maple butter. And here I am, covered with maple syrup, laying in French Canadian traditional deliciousness… Be ready for your next party, get your MC sugar shack dakimakura! lol

Get your dakimakura here. Art by

MKX Scorpion Cosplay at PGL Cosplay Open


I never thought that I would visit Romania in 2015! I was delighted to be received as a cosplay guest and judge for the PGL Cosplay Open costume contest that was organized during Dreamhack Romania at the end of October. A cosplay contest in a video game competition deserved a judge wearing a video game related costume!  With the latest Mortal Kombat X that had came out, I couldn’t resist temptation and I made myself a gift: a Scorpion cosplay.  A challenging leather work and a collaboration with a local jeweller for the custom, hand made silver pieces of the costume. So many details and there will be more. Distressing, skull and spears… Once it will be completed, this costume will be, by far, one of my personal favorite.

Thanks again to the organizers of PGL Cosplay Open who gave me the opportunity to visit Europe again, to discover Romania and to meet amazing, passionate young cosplayers from Romania and around.

 Visit my Instagram account for more work in progress costume pics and find out about Vincent Zimmermann from Joaillerie Zimm’s who added an incredible level of details to my costume by providing custom silver buckles and pieces for this cosplay.

PGL Cosplay Open at DreamHack Romania


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be on the judges panel for PGL Cosplay Open during DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015, Romania, October 29th to November 1st.  And I’ll have my new Scorpion cosplay from Mortal Kombat X. Do I have to say I’m excited to visit Europe again? You can follow my costume’s making of progresses on my social medias.


Making of Scorpion Costume


Black Lagoon Roberta Cosplay for Atlanti-Con in Newfoundland



I’m so excited to be received as a cosplay guest for Atlanti-Con next weekend!  I’ll have the opportunity to visit Newfoundland and travel through the Canadian Maritimes.  Yes, it’s gonna be a road trip through my country!  I’ll drive through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, will take the ferry from North Sidney, NS to Port aux Basque, NL and will drive to the convention in Corner Brook.  I love traveling by drive.  I can stop by, take pictures, have good food and beers.  I’ll have an amazing time!

Get your ticket now for Atlanti-Con, September 25-27, Corner Brook, NL, Canada. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday and will have prints, magazines, Heroes of the North comics, Hornet 1:6 scale figures and Soda Pop Miniatures games for you at my table. See you there!


Comiccon de Québec – Quebec City Comiccon


Betty and Lug the robot

J’ai le plaisir d’annoncer que je suis reçue comme invitée au Comiccon de Québec!  Les 17 et 18 octobre au Centre des congrès de Québec, c’est un rendez-vous!  Et oui, j’y serai avec le robot de Soda Pop Miniatures!

I’ll be a cosplay guest at Quebec City Comiccon! October 17-18, Quebec City Convention Center. And yes, Soda Pop Miniatures’ robot will be with me!

Comiccon de Québec Logo

Hornet 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure

MC_Bourbonnais_as_Hornet_1-6_Scale_Collectible_Figure (5)

1:6 Scale Hornet Collectible Figure

The new Hornet 1:6 scale collectible figure is now available!

The original model was hand sculpted based on Marie-Claude’s reference pictures to achieve a great likeness.  Featuring Hornet’s costume and gears like in the upcoming Heroes of the North – Season 2 webseries.

This official Heroes of the North toy is licensed in association with Movie Seals Digital Inc. and Flirty Girl Collectibles.  Concept/art direction by SMcG

Delivered with an autographed photo card autographed and signed to your name by Marie-Claude.

See more pics of the figure here.

Limited quantities. Figurine available here.

Marie-Claude as Hornet - Photographer: Vincent Cadoret

Marie-Claude as Hornet – Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions