Big Wow! Comicfest this weekend!

Photo Big Wow Comicfest pour blogue

Marie-Claude is a cosplay guest at Big Wow! Comicfest 2015


This weekend, I’ll be in San Jose, CA, as I’m received as a cosplay guest for Big Wow! Comicfest! I will be wearing my brand new Clash of Clans’ archer costume on Saturday and my Ms Marvel costume on Sunday.  Don’t miss my panels about costume and prop making from 3 to 4pm in Room 230A on both Saturday and Sunday.

Then I will spend the rest of the month in California. Photoshoot time! Palm trees and sun, I’m in heaven.

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  1. Thank You! I’m fairly new to coaypsling at cons so it’s great to hear that people like what I’m doing. I’m planing on making a few changes and improvements to my Steampunk Riker uniform for next year.

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