Damn Beaver Extra Maple Syrup Pics!

You’ve been waiting for it: the last part of my ‘Damn Beaver’ photoset with all the maple syrup is finally available! :D

What is this cute little beaver doing with all this maple syrup? Check out my pics to find out! www.store.mcbourbonnais.com

You don’t mind if it gets sticky, right? ;)-

2 Responses

  1. Roger

    I saw your previous post about how you built this set and I just can’t believe how talented and inventive you are (even in close-ups the logs/tree trunks look real!), honestly every aspect of your photosets is top-notch and deserving of praise.

    I also wanted to thank you for something else in this set, this time relating to the sexy content 😉: I love that your feet are on full display in this set, especially in that shot showing off your soles. I hope you’re not weirded out by me mentioning it here, but I’m very grateful for that, your feet are smoking hot, and as a guy with a foot fetish I know what I’m talking about 😅.

    Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for your next set 😘

    • Hi Roger,

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my making of blog! :) I had a lot of fun building my beaver living room and couch! :) As for the feet pics, I didn’t do it on purpose, I just thought it was more convenient for a beaver to be barefoot! lol I couldn’t figure out any kind of shoes that would have matched that outfit, so I didn’t use shoes for this photoshoot. I guess it’s an extra for anyone with a foot fetish! lol ;)

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