Category: Glamour

Entrevue au Shawicon Show sur Twitch

Si vous avez manqué l’entrevue que j’ai donnée au Shawicon Show, voici le lien pour l’écouter: On parle de cosplay, de mes projets, de ma carrière… et on boit de la bière du Trou du Diable! ;)- Merci encore pour l’invitation, Nino! If you missed my interview for the Shawicon Show, you can listen […]

New Marie-Claude Topless 3D Mousepad

You want to tone up your forearms? I have what you need! :D Try the new Marie-Claude Topless 3D Mousepad combined with the SRR System! All you have to do is Squish, Rest and Repeat! ;) This soft silicone boobie mousepad is the best forearm exercise you can dream of! Get your Limited Edition, Collectible […]

I got my Instagram account back!!!

Incredible, but true!!! It must be an Easter miracle! I can’t believe it! I was so convinced I’d have to start a new account! But from now on, I’ll keep the risqué stuff for Twitter and I’ll censor even more my posts on Instagram and Facebook. Or I’ll learn how to wear clothes. ;) Incroyable, […]

My official Instagram account was deleted

Bad news… Even though I’ve been censoring a lot of my pics to make them ‘Instagram friendly’ I realized last night that my Instagram account (marieclaudebourbonnais) was deleted, probably because of the sexy content. Yes, there’s a form we can fill up to ask to have an account back. That step is done already. For […]

Invitée par la Fédération Canadienne de Lutte à Shawinigan

Je suis très heureuse d’annoncer que je suis reçue comme invitée par la Fédération Canadienne de Lutte pour l’événement qui aura lieu le 9 mars prochain à Shawinigan! :D Je serai disponible pour prendre des photos et signer des autographes. C’est un rendez-vous!

New gorgeous pics

Even though I’ve been a glamour model for many years and I’ve been taken in pictures thousands of time, I always wonder what the next photoshoot will look like and I’m always impressed  by the new ideas the photographers and I come up with. When I built the Jukebox set in my workshop, I was very excited because […]