‘Damn Beaver’ Canada Day themed photoset finally available!

This photoset is a perfect example of how we can mix materials or use them in a creative way to build something unexpected. No, my beaver couch isn’t made of logs. However, I did use real tree bark. ;) Curious? Check out my making of pics to discover the secret behind my beaver living room! Yes, I also made the beaver ears and quilted leather tail. I never thought I’d sew a beaver tail one day. lol

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Happy (belated) Canada Day! :)

It all started when someone in my neighborhood cut down a big tree. Large pieces of bark would come out so easily from the trunk and that bark was so beautiful, full of moss and texture… I decided to bring to the workshop as many pieces of tree bark as I could. Yes, that’s Sponty’s giant fiberglass carrot that you see on the pic. This carrot is definitely watching you. ;)

I don’t know how the idea of a beaver couch happened… but it happened! lol I needed kinds of cylinders to replicate logs and I thought of those cardboard tubes for concrete that they sell at the hardware store. Light and easy to cut, they could easily be covered with the tree bark and some hot glue. Actually, I needed a lot of hot glue. Sorry for the quality of the pics. These are only phone pics and except for my sewing room, my workshop is pretty dark.

Now you can perfectly see the trick behind my light logs. Can you imagine how heavy such a couch would have been if it had been made out of real logs?

Notice the beaver chewed sticks. I had to buy a small chainsaw just to do those 4 pointed tips. I had no tool to do that otherway at the workshop. Yes, I used real logs to cut those. Too bad my Evil Dead chainsaw doesn’t work for real! lol

All the joins between the fake logs were hidden with moss and more hot glue. I used so much hot glue for this set!

There’s a big wall in one of my workshop units that I keep to install photosets. That’s where my previous Jujutsu Kaisen photoset was built. I painted that wall brown and started installing my beaver living room.

I added many details like a red and black blanket, real maple syrup tin cans as they are sold in our grocery stores in QuĆ©bec, vintage maple syrup buckets and taps and custom made wall decorations. I used my new cutting machine to make the letter decals for my leather ‘Oh! Canada’ banner and my ‘True North Strong Free’ house shaped decoration. Notice my polar bear and moose plushies. So many lovely details. :)

I think the final result is pretty amazing. :D

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  1. David Emerson Powell

    Marie-Claude, your build work is unequalled. That is flat out amazing. Well done.

  2. Adrian

    Your personality and creativity are amazing šŸ¤©

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