Ninja Division Way of the Fighter Severina Cosplay


Great news! I’m very excited to unveil today one of the costumes I’ve been working on for the past months! From Ninja Division – Soda Pop Miniatures’ game Way of the Fighter, another character based on me! :) Her name is Severina and I’ll be wearing the costume from this lovely chibi version for Gen Con! I had never made any medieval-dungeons-and-dragons-league-of-legends-armor type of costumes, so it’s a new challenge for me!  And I intend to put my 3D printer to good use to undertake this challenge! Work in progress and making of pics coming soon!

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  1. Allen

    I loved seeing you in the Severina cosplay at Gencon. It was really well done. I can’t wait to see what project you have in store next.

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