New ‘Lightbox’ Photoset Available Now!

Natural light, natural hair color, no body makeup so it’s my natural skin tone too… I guess you’re seeing me as natural as I can be! lol Even if some parts of me are obviously not ‘natural!’ lol ;)

Would you believe that this photoshoot was made at the same place than the ‘Warm Me Up’ photoshoot? Isn’t it surprising what we can do with a little creativity… and natural light! ;) If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you have to follow me on Twitter (mcbourbonnais1). Everyday, I let you know what I’m doing and what’s going on with my projects… I tell a lot of stories. :D

And if you want to see the rest of this wonderful ‘Lightbox’ photoset, check out my store:

Yes, there will be more pics from that set… and they will be jaw-dropping! :D

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  1. Roger Landry

    It’s crazy how even such a simple concept can end up being such amazing pictures. On top of being a very talented costumer and set designer, you are also a spectacularly hot model. You truly are one of a kind.

    I was wondering, after seeing your unicorn tail and then your jewel here, if these types of “decorations” will be back frequently? Your booty already looks magnificent, but the jewel in this set makes it even more memorable. And of course I love that it’s discreetly naughty like you ;)

  2. Michael Beach

    You are so Beautiful in this Purple Lingerie Photoset, Purple is My Favorite… The Natural lighting and Natural Look is Perfect too, You don’t need anything to be Hot…I Love It Marie…


    Dear Marie Claude, I write from Venice, Italy… I would buy the lingerie that you’ ve used in this photoset… Is it possible? How is the price? And what do I do for the payment? Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!!!

    • Hi Raffaele,

      I always sell the lingerie, bikini or outfit I used for a photoshoot through a silent auction that I announce on my Twitter (mcbourbonnais1) If you follow me on Twitter, you will always know when an outfit is for sale. :D Exceptionally, though, I don’t want to sell this purple lingerie because I like it too much and I want to keep it. ;)

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