Brunette Marie-Claude: the first official photoshoot

Yes, they’re ready, these pics of me as a brunette that I’ve been teasing you with on my social medias in the past weeks! :D And this photoshoot is pretty different, it’s inspired from the 60s!

A little while ago, a friend of mine bought a house that had never been remodeled in 50 years. He was demolishing everything to remodel the whole thing and I kept these prefinished panels and installed them in my workshop. Over the next months, I found vintage furnitures and accessories, like that old jukebox, and I completed my background. Perfect for a tribute photoshoot to the 60s… and it matches my light brown hair. ;) First official photoshoot with my natural hair color!

 Enjoy the pics and have a nice day!

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  1. Bradley bell

    So sexy. Great body, you look perfect as a brunette.

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