10-year career: Beau Gros Tintamarre Burlesque sur les Plaines d’Abraham

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to summer 2012 when my radio host friend, Marto Napoli, had one more very funny idea: Le Beau Gros Tintamarre Burlesque!

A few years ago, there was supposed to be an event in commemoration of Quebec City’s Bataille des Plaines d’Abraham (Google ‘Battle of the Plains of Abraham’ if you’re curious to learn a part of Quebec history) but the event was canceled. My friend Marto had decided to organize his own event: a free, family friendly water gun fight!  The crowd would be split in 2 teams that would run on the Plaines d’Abraham and attack each other… with #waterguns! Guess who was the referee? When you’re ready to get wet…



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