10-year career and Canadian photographers: Jack Boland

Celebrating my 10-year career! Through these 10 years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many photographers from all around the world. 2012 is a year where I did many photoshoots particulary with Canadian photographers. Let’s share local Canadian talent, especially since 2012 is when I posed for the 2013 Sunshine Girl Calendar in Toronto! :)

Jack Boland is a photographer for the Canadian newspaper Toronto Sun. I first met him in 2011 during Toronto Fan Expo. Check out my previous posts to find out about my first Sunshine Girl photoshoot and the incredible exposure it gave me through the country. In 2012, Jack was kind enough to think of me for the 2013 Sunshine Girl Calendar and we did another amazing photoshoot in this luxurious hotel of Toronto. Sweet (and gorgeous) memories!

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  1. Jon

    What an awesome set of pics!

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