New Aimsee artwork by Mikiron


Mikiron can draw girls with curves and I asked for it. This is probably the most extreme version of Aimsee that was drawn so far. I like the work, but damn, it yells sex and this is not what my project is all about.  I mean, it’s a really scientific mix of sexiness, fun and action.  Sometimes I just need to visualize things to set my mind. I’m really satisfied about this style exercise and also pleased with how the work was done.


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Invitée cosplay pour Shawicon 2017


J’ai déjà annoncé que je commencerais l’année 2017 en participant à une convention canadienne, Tri-Con 2017, en janvier, à Kitchener, ON.  Je suis très heureuse d’annoncer que je serai aussi reçue comme invitée cosplay à une convention québécoise, Shawicon 2017, les 11-12 février! Je serai d’ailleurs à la conférence de presse le 11 janvier prochain! On se voit à Shawicon!

I have announced already that I would start the new year with a Canadian convention, Tri-Con 2017 in Kitchener, ON.  I’m happy to announce that I will also be received as a cosplay guest for a French Canadian convention, Shawicon, in Shawinigan, QC, on February 11-12!  I will also be there for the press conference on January 11th. Looking forward to meeting my cosplayer friends from Québec!

Xamrock art: Special Pink Suit Aimsee version


Following the previous illustration by Xamrock, here’s a version of Aimsee wearing casual clothes. Again, I’m looking to establish a definitive look for my original character. All I can say right now is that I’m not sure of anything when it comes to Aimsee’s look outside her ‘realease’ form, when she’s not connected to her octopus yokai. Xamrock perfectly executed my request, but I didn’t pinpoint the final look and I’m still doing researches.

And another generous bonus by Xamrock, an Aimsee wallpaper:


Want to see more of Xamrock’s art or commission some illustration from him? Here’s the links!


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Xamrock art: a new version of Aimsee

mc_bourbonnais_original_character_aimsee_by_xamrockHere’s another pics of my OC Aimsee, but this time by Xamrock. I’m still exploring different styles with various artists and gauging the audience’s reactions. Sometimes ‘simpler’ illustrations are stronger. I like the tentacles a lot on this one. They look creepier and the ink on Aimsee’s skin is just a tad more mystical. Don’t you think?


And here’s a generous bonus by Xamrock, an extra Aimsee wallpaper!


Want to see more of Xamrock’s art or commission some illustrations from him? Here’s the links!


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Santa Girl Aimsee by Xamrock


This one cracks me up and was a really nice idea from Xamrock. Sometimes I’m so lost in my thoughts that I forget what is going on in the ‘real’ world! This pic came to me as a reminder that Christmas was at our door. People, here’s Aimsee as Santa Girl in her sexy Christmas attire. Thanks, Xamrock! :)


And a generous bonus by Xamrock, a Santa Girl Special Aimsee wallpaper!


Want to see more of Xamrock’s art or commission some illustrations from him? Here’s the links!


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Aimsee Dakimakura for Christmas


Right on time for Christmas, I have the perfect gift for you! You’ve been dreaming of cuddling Aimsee, my cute character? Well, your wish was granted! Make this 5 feet tall body pillow case yours and try to choose your favorite side. Will you cuddle your Aimsee dakimakura from the front or from the back? ;)

For a few extra bucks, you can get the Special Package that includes a 5” X 8” glossy print of Aimsee drawn by Pop-Lee, the artist who made the art for both the mousepads and the dakimakura, signed to your name by both Pop-Lee and I! Only 24 Special Packages available! Don’t miss your chance!

Make someone (or yourself) happy and order your sexy Aimsee dakimakura here.

Aimsee GIF by Boobella

The king of the wiggle! You might remember this frontal view of Aimsee by Boobella. (Check out the pics galleries.)  Folks,  here’s a new POV of Aimsee in motion! Love this fun, cute and sexy style.


And as a bonus, here’s the analglyph version.


I’ve always been served really well and in a timely manner by this artist, please visit :



Sexy Aimsee selfie by Arteria

Tricky, tricky…  Showing these weird tentacles and  having a grasp at this big bulging head at the same time wasn’t  easy, but it was achievable with the magic of this little narcissistic trick call a selfie. So here’s a triple portrait of Aimsee.


Cool bonus: the WIP pics courtesy of the artist.


Want to join Arteria for commission? Go to Hentai Foundry to find how. Follow the link at your own risks.


New Aimsee Artwork by Kamina


I’m always really happy about the fact that artists accept to work with me on my OC and other stuff related to my projects. Even though I’m not commissioning xxx artwork, I don’t mind working with talented artists, men and women, who give into it. Talent is talent and to each his own.

It was a pleasure chatting with Kamina. I really liked the way he made artistic suggestions for my piece. My requests are usually pretty rigid, so that was a nice change.  It’s never easy for an artist to translate someone else’s vision into an actual artwork and to give life to your idea. Thank you, sir!

Kamina’s NSFW website (Wait, mine isn’t SFW either :S)

Go check that out !