Marie-Claude Bourbonnais in Soda Pop Miniatures’ game Tentacle Bento

Soda Pop Miniatures is an American tabletop games company.  They released their first card game, Tentacle Bento, a few years ago and they introduced me as a character in the game.  I made the costume according to what the creative team had designed for me.  I made the shirt and shorts, the wool bomber jacket with white leather sleeves and the chenille patch on the back.  I created the logo in Photoshop so both the companies that made the patch and the printing on the shirt could do custom stuff for me.  The shoes were simple enough, so I didn’t have to make any extra effort for that.  All these pics where shot in a gym changing room in about an hour.  Our intention was to make some candid looking shots.

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Photographer: Vincent Cadoret