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  1. Your waifu skills are absolutely resistless ✨😈✨…

    I read a moment ago how much you worked in the showcase for the Andr01d print, awesome draw btw 👌😆, it’s gorgeous indeed, if in 2019 I solve my broken wallet 😩💸, get a package from you is in the top of my list to do things!! 👍😋

    From the beginning you’ve put a lot of effort and love in everything you do, it really impresses me see how keep giving your best like the first day, you’re amazing Marie!! ✌️😍

    Besides to read your blogs I stop here today to wish you a wonderful 2019 🎉🎉, although I think that sometimes a proper comment can be very helpful, I also know that my random troll stuff isn’t even close to the support you really deserve 💖 but at least I hope it contributes positively to your balance in the group of things that brings a smile in your face!! 😘

    Happy new year gorgeous!! 🤗

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