10-year career: Super Bat et Double F dans Un gars le soir à V

Celebrating my 10-year career! Funny memories from 2012: when I was featured in the French Canadian TV show ‘Un gars le soir’ with TV host and comedian Jean-François Mercier (also on the picture: comedian Ghislain Taschereau.) When the production team learned that I was a costumer dressing up as superheroes, it apparently inspired the writers on the show who created those skits about Super Bat (obvious pun about Batman and the fact that ‘bat’ in Québécois French is a slang for ‘penis’ – the smiley is to censor a dildo showing off from Super Bat’s speedo) and Double F (my bra size at the time). Check out my Twitter (mcbourbonnais1) for the uncensored pic. I had quickly made a latex costume and basic fiberglass props to bring Double F to life. These hilarious Super Bat and Double F skits on the popular TV show gave me some great exposure through the province of Quebec.


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  1. Iain scott

    Hello again Marie-Claude. (I sent you a humorous email a number of years ago and you even replied!). I do not speak French, but have always appreciated your work. I would like to point out that the roles you played as FF were obviously an inspiration for the Ukrainian “Naked but Funny” series. And with that I will wish bon soir to the most beautiful face in the world.


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