10-year career: Marie-Claude character in Ninja Division’s Tentacle Bento card game

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2012, when Soda Pop Miniatures (now Ninja Division) introduced me as a character in one of their games for the first time!


It’s in 2012 that Soda Pop Miniatures launched the card game Tentacle Bento. In the Japanese Takoashi University for girls, extraterrestrial creatures with tentacles disguised as human beings are hiding among the students. As a player, you act as one of the extraterrestrial creatures and you try to catch students using the cards you have in your hands. The winner is the player who catched the most students. :D

My character in the game is not only the gym captain of the school, but also one of these extraterrestrial creatures! ;) When you look at the special edition, collectible Tentacle Bento Marie-Claude miniature, you’ll see tentacles coming out from my school backpack. 😮🐙

My character appears on many cards in the game, each card showing a funny message.


For the photoshoot, I sewed the classic Japanese gym outfit, tshirt and short shorts, with a wool and leather varsity jacket with a custom made chenille patch of the university’s name, ‘Takoashi.’


Back then, there was no Canadian embroidery company specialized in chenille patches, the very few that were doing it were insanely too expensive, while varsity jackets and chenille patches are super common in the USA. I had ordered both the ‘Takoashi’ and ‘MC’ patches from an American company for less than $40. :) You can see the full photoshoot in the galleries. Prints available on www.store.mcbourbonnais.com

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