10-year career: Cosplay guest for Tour Concomics 2012 in Morelia and Acapulco

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to 2012, when Tour Concomics invited me again as a cosplay guest for 2 conventions, one in Acapulco and one in the lovely town of Morelia where I wore my Ryofu costume for the 1st time! To my friend Lalo who was my translator: I will never thank you again to have made me discover Patzcuaro. It’s one of the most beautiful places I visited in my life.

The yellow dress I wore in the plane to Mexico and the purple dress I wore to go out one night in Acapulco are both part of my 10-year Career Special Sale. Both dresses are available in the One of a Kind section of my website store and come with an autographed print of the picture



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