Marie-Claude Bourbonnais à l’émission Y’a du monde à messe avec Christian Bégin

Eh oui, j’ai été interviewée par Christian Bégin à son émission Y’a du Monde à messe! La diffusion aura lieu ce soir, à Télé-Québec, à 20h00. :D

Rediffusions :

Lundi 12h00, Mercredi 20h30, Vendredi 12h00 et Dimanche 19h00

For my international friends: yes, the show is in French, but hopefully, someone, somewhere, will make it available on Youtube with English subtitles. In the meantime, you can practice your French by watching the show on the website. I guess it will be online shortly after it will be broadcast on TV tonight. Notice my amazing Rilakkuma jacket. ;)

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  1. Arnie

    Apparently, video is not available outside Canada. So I’m banned from practicing my French until someone make it YouTube video…But I have other way to learn! 😃

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