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A few days ago I had to do a major back up of all my laptop’s content and I realized how many costume making of pics I took over the past years. Let’s face it: I’ll never have the time to write a proper making of blog with detailed explanations for each costume I made. However, if you know how to sew or are interested in learning, I know that step by step pics can be helpful and are definitely better than nothing.

That’s why I decided to progressively add to my website a gallery for each costume I made where I’ll share my making of pics. I won’t be able to share as many information as I can do it in a real making of blog, but I want cosplayers, makers and artisans to be able to have access to free, high quality information about sewing techniques… and a little bit of prop making as well. :)

I started with Betty and Lug the robot. Lug has its own Making of blog in 4 parts, but if you’re curious to quickly see the making of pics, they’re all available in one gallery. Betty’s costume was an adventure, it’s one of the best leather costume I made so far with my MKX Scorpion costume. For this costume, I asked for the help of a shoemaker and I was able to have custom leather boots to match the costume. All the boots making of pics are in the gallery. Enjoy!

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