Happy Halloween – Evil Dead Cosplay

Groovy Halloween! I thought that my Evil Dead Ash cosplay would be perfect to celebrate Halloween this year! :D Even better, I did an ‘Evil Boner’ parody for you… and you’ll love it! Check out my store for a breathtaking surprise that includes 2 horny skeletons. ;)


Yes, I built that set in my workshop! More than 1 month of intensive work… Pretty cool, right? :D Scroll down to see some BTS pics and discover how my skeletons hung from the ceiling like life size puppets with tons of fishing wires. I could change the pose of each skeleton thanks to these wires. It took forever to install and it made the photoshoot very time consuming… Yes, those wires were removed in Photoshop. Extra work for the photographer, sorry. But it was worth it. :D

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  1. David Powell

    Dear MC – Thank you for the “behind the scenes” look at this. It came out seamless. Really neat to see your “peg board” system for the threads. (Were they fishing line? They looked like monofilament, which is often hard to see once in the water, all the better for fishing.) The extent of the roof work and your system out of the frame at the top is impressive, too.

    Great work, it came out very well (and super sexy.)

    David in New Jersey

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your kind words! :D This set is by far the most complicated I’ve ever built! Yes, the threads were fishing wires. :) I knew it would be strong enough to lift the skeletons. You have no idea how long and complicated it was to attach each part of each skeleton to make them ‘move.’ lol But it was worth it. :)

  2. Mike Edholm

    MC, That is one helluva photo set!!! It took how long to build it? Absolutely AMAZING!!!

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