10-year career: Koshka Cosplay for a Dust Tactics tournament in Belgium

Celebrating my 10-year career! I had the chance to visit Europe for the very 1st time in November 2014 and I didn’t visit any country! I went to the country of chocolate lovers: Belgium!

In 2014, I was contacted by another tabletop game company, Dust Tactics. Famous artist and co-founder of the game, Paolo Parente, wanted me to cosplay Koshka, one of the characters of the game. The team brought me to Belgium to attend a Dust tournament dressed up as Koshka. Plus, Paolo said he would from now on draw Koshka based on my face and figure.

I made the leather bomber jacket, military pants, leather belt and belt buckle. And for the grenade rounds, I molded an airsoft grenade. ;)

The chocolate I tasted in Belgium changed my life as a chocolate lover. I could never find again in North America the equivalent of some of the high quality chocolate pieces I tasted in Belgium. Nothing compares to the alcohol macerated cherries dipped in chocolate I had in Belgium. (Please don’t try to suggest any cheap commercial North American cordial cherry brand.) J’ai adoré la Belgique! J’y retournerais n’importe quand!

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