10-year career: Cosplay Guest for Tour Concomics 2013 in Puerto Vallarta

Celebrating my 10-year career! Back to June 2013 when I was a cosplay guest for Tour Concomics in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and where I experienced the warmest weather I’ve ever felt in my life so far!

I visited Mexico many time, but it was always during fall or winter, somewhere between September to February. But for the 1st time, I would visit Mexico in summer… Maybe it’s because I’m used to have cold weather 8 months a year in Quebec, but I wasn’t expecting Mexico to be THAT warm in summer! lol And guess which cosplay I had brought? My latex Sue Storm costume! I never sweat that much in my whole life! There was a lake of sweat in my boots when I took them off! lol

By chance there was a pool at the hotel to cool down a little! 

Sue Storm print available on my store: www.store.mcbourbonnais.com

Photographer: Grumpy Bear Productions

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