Soda Pop Miniatures’ Robot Lug – The Making Of A 10 Feet Tall Fiberglass Statue

Back in 2015, a friend of mine and I built a 10 feet tall fiberglass robot called Lug, a life size version of a miniature character from the tabletop game Relic Knights made by Ninja Division – Soda Pop Miniatures. The giant statue traveled from Québec, Canada to the USA to be unveiled at Gen Con 2015 in Indianapolis.  I spent the weekend with my robot at Ninja Division’s booth and Lug was a huge hit.

Then my friend and I brought back the robot to Canada to complete the statue that wasn’t as perfect as it could have been… We did more sanding (and of course ruined the paint by doing so), decorated the base with fiberglass crystals and had to paint the robot again before definitely exporting it to the USA. It remains to this day the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken. I wrote a complete making of blog about it where each step is explained. You can find all the blogs here:

But if you just want to have a quick look, feel free to browse that gallery and enjoy all the Making of pics! :)