Power Girl Cosplay – Leather Boots Making Of

I started a making of blog already about Power Girl’s costume where I talked about the leather gloves and part of the boots making of process. You can read this blog here: https://mcbourbonnais.com/en/tag/power-girl/

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to complete this detailed making of blog, but I wanted to at least share the WIP pics. :)

The leather boots were made by a shoemaker from Lévis called Yvon Lamontagne. He allowed me to watch every step of the making process, take each step in picture and even assist him with some steps. Before this, the only leather boots I had made by myself were the boots/pants of my Cerci suit, the costume of my character in Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures’ tabletop game Relic Knights. These boots were not perfect, so it was good to have the opportunity to review the shoemaking process with a professional shoemaker. And it was a challenge for the shoemaker too! My colorful, fantasy inspired project truly got him out of his comfort zone! lol Power Girl’s boots are very different from the more traditional shoes he used to make. It was a very interesting project for both of us.

Enjoy the pics and check out the other galleries to see every part of the costume and photo set. :)