Fallout 4 Vault Jumpsuit Cosplay – The Making Of

Even though I love video games’ designs, you know I’m not a good gamer… Sorry! lol I can never play for a long time because I get killed all the time! lol But I have a few gamer friends and one of my friends is a huge Fallout 4 fan. I’ve spent endless hours watching him play to have a good idea of the game’s environment, the backgrounds, objects, costumes and armors designs. It’s such an interesting mix of 50s and 60s inspired designs, a perfectly well balanced retro futuristic look. I love Fallout 4.

It took me about 2 years, working on many other projects at the same time, to sew 5 Vault jumpsuits, one for each vault in the game. Each Vault jumpsuit has a different vault number in the back. The pattern drafting was challenging and I even had to develope specific sewing techniques especially for this costume, like my genuine leather biais sewed at right angles around the collar or the zipper at the front that is half hidden, half visible. I used a different blue fabric for each jumpsuit, giving each of them a different texture. The challenge was to bring to life that retro futuristic look in a realistic way. I think it turned out great. :D