10-year career – Heroes of the North, the beginning in 2010

Back to August 2010: this is when I started collaborating with Heroes of the North, a live action webseries about Canadian superheroes. I was playing the role of Hornet, a supervillainess! I was not only one of the actresses of the show, but I was also hired as a costumer and I made new leather costumes for some of the actors.  On the bottom right pic, the blue and red costume and the costume I’m wearing are 2 of the 7 leather costumes I sewed for Heroes Of the North – Season 2.  The latex costume on the top left picture was made by Polymorphe, a Montréal based company where I later worked and learned the basic techniques to make latex clothes. The series had its own comic books, branded merchandise, action figures and other cool collectibles. I went to many conventions with the Heroes of the North team over the years, wearing both the latex and leather Horntet costumes. It gave me a great exposure in the English speaking part of Canada where the series was particulary popular. It was my first experience as an actress and my first leather costumes.

Artwork by Geof Isherwood

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