Photoshoot by Vincent Lions

Vincent Lions is a French photographer based in Toronto. Specialized at the time in fashion and commercial photography (but doing today mainly commercial photography), it seemed very unlikely that there could ever be a collaboration between him and the glamour model I was. We were from 2 different universes. And yet it happened.

Vincent was working on a series of pictures related to the theme of textures. One of his ideas was to cover a model with clay and see how the clay on the skin would react and look in pictures. I was the chosen one.

It’s interesting to see how the clay dried out and peeled off during the photoshoot to give an evolving look, showing off a white skin that made me look like a living statue or a frozen creature… Vincent confessed at the end of the photoshoot that he was first a little affraid that my implants would distract attention from the concept, but apparently my posing and attitude in the photoshoot made everything work. :)

But since I had that figure, why not using it for another special concept? Make sure to check out the last picture called ‘Bye bye Barbie’.