Brunette Marie-Claude

After more than 15 years as a blonde, I decided to let my hair grow until I’d find back my natural hair color. Actually, I was just too busy to bleach my hair every month and since I have short hair, it didn’t take long before the back of my head was all brown! lol I didn’t even remember how I looked like with my natural hair color! I will certainly go back to platinium blonde, but for now, I enjoy a little change. :)

Here’s my first official photoshoot as a brunette! A little while ago, a friend of mine bought a house that had never been remodeled in 50 years. He was demolishing everything to remodel the whole thing. I kept these prefinished panels and installed them in my workshop. Over the next months, I found vintage furnitures and accessories, like that old jukebox, and I completed my background. Perfect for a tribute photoshoot to the 60s!

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